Saturday, October 1, 2011

Wonderful: TTPOD 2.6 Final Android APK. Related iPhone (allphones iphone 4)

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TTPOD 2.6 Final Android APK
TTPOD 2.6 Final Android APK
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: TTPOD MUSIC PLAYER(Android) is a height built privately for android sounding player, the player each day sounds not usually hereditary the aged Symbian height tall quality.

Everyday sounds TTPOD MUSIC Player (Android) is the initial self-developed decoder, set playback, audio, search, download as well as most alternative functions in a utterly giveaway dungeon phone strain player, not usually hereditary the aged Symbian height each day, high-quality sounds , visually stunning, abounding lyrics as well as songs design download, super skin deputy heart function, whilst all the time on the touch shade knowledge optimized to yield user-friendly operation to download, as well as reserve acceptance by the 360, either we have been in the QQ discuss or revisit the website during UC, even when personification the indignant birds, we can suffer a pleasing day to move we a new knowledge listening to music, personification strain is an necessary apparatus Muzhiyizu.

[Features] new version
1 new EQ environment function
2 new internal poke underline songs
3 new songs built-in picture arrangement switch (default on)
4 new aac, m4a format decoding
5. “Skinnable” dialog box, supplement “more” button, click on download channel to burst each day endorsed skin
6 to compromise the fall as well as revise strain report arrangement a list of issues M9

Recent changes:
1. Custom EQ environment new features;
2. Further optimized scanning speed song;
3. Automatically download cinema upsurge practiced to optimize;
4. To escalate the presentation check time to begin the download arrangement problems;
5. Optimize fool around swell adjustable, receptive to advice problems when;
6. Part of the resolution models fool around the songs receptive to advice label problem;
7. To compromise the complaint can not fool around the last seconds of the song;
8. Solve a little of the models can not scrupulously close the shade after playback;
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Latest version: 2.6 (for all Android versions)

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