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Wonderful: Navigon MobileNavigator 4.0.0 + Maps Android APK. Related iPhone (allphones iphone 4)

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Navigon MobileNavigator 4.0.0 + Maps Android APK
Navigon MobileNavigator 4.0.0 + Maps Android APK
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: With NAVIGON – GPS Navigation we can renovate your Android smartphone in to a entirely organic mobile navigation complement which is each bit as great as the multi-award-winning personal navigation inclination from NAVIGON in conditions of the user-friendliness as well as features. Thanks to a true instrumentation of the menu functions, NAVIGON fits in seamlessly with the Android handling concept.
On-board navigation entails no interpretation send or in motion charges, for example, for track calculation or map displays. Regular updates safeguard your MobileNavigator is regularly up to date.

*** Features as well as operation of functions ***
+ New user interface style
+ NAVION Latest Map Gurantee (new business only)
+ Google Local Search
+ Safety Camera
+ Reality View Pro
+ Lane Assistant Pro
+ Speed Assistant
+ NAVIGON Reality Scanner
+ NAVIGON MyRoutes
+ Text-to-Speech as well as accurate oral announcements
+ Different voices (accents)
+ Extended Pedestrian Navigation
+ Destination entrance with coordinates
+ NAVIGON Fresh Support
+ Can be used in mural as well as landscape format
+ 2D as well as 3D map displays
+ Automatic day as well as night mode for map display
+ Direct entrance as well as navigation to contacts saved in the smartphone's residence book
+ Take Me Home duty with a singular click
+ NAVTEQ map element for all of Europe
NEW: Enhance your complement with in-app packages
+ NAVIGON FreshMaps XL (special price until 02.Nov.)
+ NAV IGON cockpit
+ TrafficLive (for new business only)
+ The Michelin grill as well as road house guide
+ The Michelin immature guide
+ ADAC camping- as well as caravaning beam (only accessible in German)
+ POI all-in-one (extra package)
+ Mobile Alert Live – a new MOBILE speed cam service
+ NAVIGON LPG as well as Bio-Diesel stuffing stations

- Positioning your smartphone rightly in the car is really critical to safeguard optimal GPS accepting as well as for your own safety! We suggest attaching your write to the windscreen with a befitting suction desk pad holder. Ensure which this is regularly positioned outward of the operation of the airbags!
- NAVIGON is an on-board solution. This equates to which all map material, voice announcements as well as complement files have been saved on the telephone. Therefore no charges or watchful time for interpretation send have been incurred.
- The Europe chronicle requires approx. 2GB of giveaway memory. Please safeguard we have enough accessible mass-storage space (SD card).
- The map element contingency be downloaded after installing the app around NAVIGON Fresh on a Personal Computer or around wireless Internet on the smartphone. Please safeguard a arguable as well as protected tie is available.
- Samsung users: greatfully usually downl oad regulating wireless Internet!
- on initial startup a reduced interpretation tie (ca. 25kB) is compulsory to register your product

Navigon Europe v4.0.0 :

NAVIGON Q3 2011 Europe Map for MN7.xx Download :

Navigon USA v4.0.0
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