Monday, October 3, 2011

'iPhone 4 to be free' when new iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone)s ship - Register

iPhone 4S as well as 5 to be dual-mode. Other changes leaked

Upon Tuesday’s rollout of the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4S as well as iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 5, the existent iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4 will be offering for the low, low price of zero during all when purchased with a as if two-year contract.

That is, if a pricing roundup leaked to MacDailyNews from “a solitary source [who] has supposing arguable report of Apple's moves in the past” is accurate.

MacDailyNews warns which the leaked price piece is to be regarded merely as a rumor, as well as you agree. But the specs enclosed along with the prices have been engaging nonetheless.

For one, the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4 – now accessible in 16GB as well as 32GB models – will enclose usually 8GB of storage.

The iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4S – $ 99 for 16GB, $ 199 for 32GB – will be bumped up from an A4 processor to an A5, as is in the iPad 2. In addition, both the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4S as well as the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 5 – $ 299 for 32GB, $ 399 for 64GB – will be dual-mode GSM/CDMA handsets with 1GB of RAM, up from 512MB in the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4.

In addition, the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4S, similar to the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4, will have a 5-megapixel back-facing camera, whilst the iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 5′s categorical camera will be an 8-megapixel shooter. The iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 4S is listed as being accessible in both black as well as white, whilst no tone report is since for the new iPhone (iphone 4 Vodaphone) 5.

As you said, these have been single-source rumors, so take them with the claim grains of salt – but, hey, what’s an Apple product roll-out but a full of health dollop of tasty rumor-mongering? ®

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