Wednesday, September 21, 2011

PDANet 3.02 Android APK. Outstanding Gadget !!!

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PDANet 3.02 Android APK
PDANet 3.02 Android APK
Requirements: Android, Windows
Overview: Tether your Personal Computer to your phone but additional charges or rooting.

With over 4 million installs as well as a 4.5+ ratings, PdaNet has turn a single of the must-have Android applications. This program shares your phone’s Internet connectionwith your mechanism as well as does not need rooting your phone.

PdaNet adds 0 latency to your tie so your mechanism connects as quick as your phone’s Internet speed, such as 4G or even 100Mbps WiFi.

PdaNet supports both USB Tether or Bluetooth DUN, Personal Computer as well as Mac.

PdaNet additionally bundles a cold “SMS Agent” underline that allows we to send/receive SMS without delay from your computer.

Free book will extent secure web sites.

User ratings of the genuine PdaNet inventory can be found at

Also check out the iPhone (allphones iphone 4), Blackberry or Windows Mobile versions.

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