Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iPad 3 to be released after June 2012 cause of A6 ?. Good iPhone (allphones iphone) News

A new inform by the Linley Group association that carries CNET refers to disaster of execution of the A6 processor prior to Jun 2012.

If Apple followed the proof as well as wants to yield the iPad 3 with a new A6 processor can not finish it prior to the Jun 2012 that automatically transports the dissemination iPad 3 during a after date by Mar 2012.

The A6 is a large ascent from the A5, according to the information. Specifically, it has 4 cores instead of two, uses 3D transistors similar to those in the Ivy Bridge Intel as well as will be built in 28nm severely mending the potency as well as lifetime.

It is insincere additionally that the prolongation of the A6 will be eliminated from Samsung on the rivalry builder TSMC, has not been strictly confirmed anything.

If we request this eventually, perhaps, see an proclamation iPad 3 determined duration of February-March as well as a last release date someday in June, that transports as well as the release of the iPhone (allphones iphone) 6 Sep / October.

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