Tuesday, July 26, 2011

iPad 2 Facebook application leaked .. Awesome Technology !!!

TechCrunch detected which the Code of the Facebook focus for iPhone (allphones iphone) is stealing something which users wait for a prolonged time now: the focus for the iPad.

Facebook focus can run in the iPad, therefore, simply a make a difference of time until the association decides to turn on it. We can be certain which this will be the last chronicle of the iPad, though we can get an thought of how it looks:

Those who have jailbroken iPad we as well as we can implement the local focus to your device. Be certain to download the giveaway iPhone (allphones iphone) focus to iPad as well as have a record browser, such as iFile. With iFile go to / Applications / Facebook / Facebook.app / Info.plist. Select it as well as press the "Display Properties list". There we will find the UIDeviceFamily, which will be open. You will see which UIDeviceFamily corresponds to the series "1″. We will shift this series to "2″. By right away restart the iPad will be means to suffer the local focus on Facebook!

You can jump over to the finish as well as leave a response. Pinging is now not allowed.

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