Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great iPhone (allphones iPhone) 4 Prototype on ebay. Gadget

A antecedent iPhone (allphones iPhone) 4 appeared on eBay as well as during this time the auction has reached $ 900,000 (!)

This device is a indication used for contrast prior to last release. The outline reads:

There is repairs in a couple of spots on behind as well as screen. No cracks or low scratches.
The spinners of tragedy do not have the + as well as -
The phone is not activated in the network of AT & T
On the behind of the device size, indication series as well as FCC ID is in X
There have been a little numbers printed on the front as well as rear

The auction is in swell here.

You can jump over to the finish as well as leave a response. Pinging is now not allowed.

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