Saturday, July 16, 2011

Great: Apple just released 4.3.4 firmware !. Gadget

Apple, as expected, done ​​available prior to a couple of mins iOS 4.3.4, shutting the confidence opening as well as the pdf thus feat which used the JailbreakMe 3.

Those who have jailbroken inclination as well as wish to sojourn jailbroken endorsed not to ensue to update.

Files per device:

New iOS 4.3.4 iPhone2,1_4.3.4_8K2_Restore.ipsw (iPhone 3GS)

New iOS 4.3.4 iPhone3,1_4.3.4_8K2_Restore.ipsw (iPhone 4)

New iOS 4.3.4 iPad1,1_4.3.4_8K2_Restore.ipsw (iPad)

New iOS 4.3.4 iPad2,1_4.3.4_8K2_Restore.ipsw (iPad 2 WiFi)

New iOS 4.3.4 iPad2,2_4.3.4_8K2_Restore.ipsw (iPad 2 3G+WiFi)

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