Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cool: New transparent batteries aim to a future invisible iPhone (allphones iphone) !. about iPhone (allphones iphone)

Stanford University researchers managed to erect pure lithium batteries.

According fact, an essay in the journal of the University, moving the researchers was the enterprise to see in destiny transparent products Apple!

Professor, University of Stanford, Yi Cui, states:

"I would similar to to plead those with Steve Jobs. you wish a pure iPhone (allphones iphone)! "

As the researchers explain, the worry to set up a pure battery is which the simple materials used in building a whole is not clear. For this reason, scientists during the University of Stanford as well as magically remade these materials in to the invisible, though so tiny they did not crop up to the exposed eye.

You contend the battery is the initial step in the destiny to see, finally, the desired transparent iPhone (allphones iphone); Us, however, you favourite …

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