Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cool: iOS 5 Safari now supports download manager.. about iPhone (allphones iphone)

An unknown source suggested to RazorianFly a little screenshots from a destiny chronicle of iOS tested internally as well as that have been the Safari Extensions as well as the capability to store as well as conduct files without delay from Mobile Safari.

These references have been in inner settings of the prerelease chronicle of iOS, with evidence "Safari_File_Downloader" (which is patently a placeholder), as well as selecting the right switch On / Off.

Also published as well as a print being in the Settings menu "Safari Download Manager", though that was feign (probably came by a jailbreak tweak) as well as fast withdrawn:

The Extensions (plugins) in Safari for Mac (and PC) you saw the appearance of chronicle 5.0 only a year ago, in Jul 2010, that were already alternative browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc).

While it stays to be seen either they will be incorporated in the iPhone (allphones iphone) as well as iPad, is startling since the switches in the initial screenshot have the aged chronicle as well as not dull edges similar to in iOS 5. The unknown source says, initial commissioned the 'Internal Settings' procedure from iOS 5 during a downgraded iPad, that was not iOS 5 during the time.

True or false? Time will certainly uncover … But so distant there was no discuss of the on top of inside of iOS 5 beta 3.

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